Pollinator Issues and Awareness

While the MNLGA has not taken an official stance on Neonictonoids, information is provided below on the most current issues. 

GrowerTalks articles: 

Horticultural Research Institute Publishes Bee Friendly Plant Lists

Chris Beytes (GrowerTalks) - Recap of Chesapeake Green 2015 Neonic Panel  (March 2015)

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Michigan State University - Planting Garden Center Flowers is Good for Bees and Other Beneficial Insects (June 2015)

Ohio State University Extension - Reed M. Johson Presentation - Pesticides in and Around the Hive (December 2012)

American Nurseryman - Pollinators, Pesticides and Public Perception (October 2014)

Greenhouse Grower - The Pesticide and Pollinator Debate: What's All The Buzz About? (May 2014)

Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Pollinators Fact Sheet (Source: University of Maryland) (April 2014)

The Dreaded 'Green Blob' Is The Most Dire Threat To Bees (Source: Forbes) (September 2014)

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What Bell Nursery Learned From Growing Without Neonicotinoids This Spring (Source: Greenhouse Grower) (August 2014)

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Home Depot Limit Pesticides (Bay Journal)  (July 2014)

Should We Nix Neonics? (Source: GrowerTalks Magazine) (June 2014)

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