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The Horticulture Industry in Maryland (also referred to as the Nursery and Landscape Industry) includes wholesale and retail production, sales, installation, and maintenance of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, bedding plants/annuals, seasonal greenhouse crops, aquatic plants, cut flowers, and Christmas trees.   This industry is the number two incoming-producing commodity within Maryland agriculture, behind poultry.  It has a quiet, but powerful presence in the state agriculture community.  

The Horticulture Industry is the fastest growing segment within Agriculture. Mechanization, technology, business management, and marketing are among the most important future needs for the industry.

There are many employment opportunities available in Horticulture in Maryland.  For a primer in Maryland Horticulture and types of careers available, please read below.  For a link to current job postings and more regional information about horticulture careers, please select the "Land Lovers" link to the left.

If you have questions regarding careers within the Horticulture Industry, contact area middle and high school guidance counselors, people working within the industry, associations, clubs, community colleges, universities, trade schools, and local, state, and federal agencies.  Links to college programs are below.

If you're considering a career in landscaping, take a look at this short informational video that highlights this engaging industry.  See also the federal report on green-industry occupations and some suggestions on how to enter them. Link here. 

Finding Your Place in the Green Industry Video 

Developed by New England GROWS in collaboration with its four founding partner organizations, this video highlights green industry professionals, from students to experienced veterans, commenting on what they enjoy about their careers in commercial horticulture. This video was created to develop awareness about the green industry as a rewarding career path. Select this link to view the video and learn more to help spread the word of how beneficial this industry can be.  

Career Choices

Jobs in Horticulture
Just a few of the management and staff opportunities include Propagation, Growing, IPM/Pest Control, Nutrient Management, Field Production, Container Production, Greenhouse Production, Aquatic Plant Production, Tissue Culture, and Garden Center Operations.

Jobs in Landscape
Management and staff positions related to landscape operations include Designers/ Architects, Estimators/ Sales Staff, Plant/Supply Buyers, Production, Operations, Maintenance, and IPM/Pest Control.

Jobs in Business Operations and Support
Horticultural businesses also require support staff. Support activities include office management, business management, human resource management, marketing, sales and tech. administration. Business partners are equally import for providing continuing education, research & development, extension, legislative review & action, and are often provided by Associations, Colleges and Institutions.


Entry Level
The following skills are necessary for entry-level positions: Reading, math, language, positive work ethic, understand and follow directions well, and teaming skills.

The following skills are necessary for intermediate-level positions: Job experience, community college credits, industry certifications, continuing education, vocational classes, club/association activities, drivers license, equipment certifications, technology training

The following skills are necessary for management-level positions: College degrees in ornamental/ environmental horticulture, landscape, and plant related majors, industry certifications, job experience, continuing education, club and association activities, technology training

Related College Degrees

There are many undergraduate majors that are relevant to horticulture. Just a few include: Ornamental Horticulture, Environmental Horticulture, Landscape Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Plant Physiology, Botany, Landscape Gardening, Botanical Garden Management, Greenhouse Management, Floriculture, Nutrient Management, and Horticultural Therapy.

Below are links to some of the programs offered by local colleges and universities:


University of Maryland

Cecil College
Certificate Program and AAS Degree Programs in Horticulture Science

Community College of Baltimore County
Horticulture (degree and certificate options)

Montgomery College
Landscape Technology

Morgan State University
Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture

Anne Arundel Community College
Certificate in Landscape Design


University of Delaware
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


Delaware Valley University
Natural Resources and Biosystems Mangement Department

Pennsylvania College of Technology
Department of Landscape Horitculture 
(PLANET Accredited Program)

Penn State University
Department of Horticulture


Virginia Tech
Department of Horticulture

Northern Virginia Community College
Horticulture Technology Program

Washington DC

George Washington University
Master's Degree in Landscape Design

Note: For more statistical information about Maryland's horticulture industry, select the survey link on this website's home page.